WWE News: The Undertaker Has ‘Unfinished Business’ With ‘Monday Night Raw’ Superstar

The Undertaker might be retired from in-ring competition, but he hasn’t completely closed the door to a WWE return at some point. The legendary superstar recently sat down for an interview with The National News where he discussed a variety of topics. During the conversation, he said that he still wants to face AJ Styles in a traditional fight.

Styles was The Undertaker’s opponent for his final outing at this year’s WrestleMania. The pair were set to face off in a regular wrestling showdown at the event, but the pandemic caused plans to change and they had a cinematic match instead.

“If I was to get back in the ring, I think there’s unfinished business I’d have with AJ Styles. I’m very proud of the Boneyard Match but obviously, that came about due to COVID and all that. I would have liked to have a match with AJ in the ring.”

The Undertaker went on to explain what it is about facing Styles again that appeals to him. According to “The Deadman,” the Monday Night Raw superstar is one of the best workers on the planet at the moment.

The Undertaker has always prided himself on high-quality physical performances, and he sees Styles as someone who could help him have another great bout. He might view “The Phenomenal One” as an opponent who could help disguise his physical limitations now that he’s 55 years old and past his prime.

The Undertaker stands behind AJ Styles

The legend also talked about how Styles is similar to Shawn Michaels, which appeals to The Undertaker as he also admires “The Heartbreak Kid” as an in-ring talent. According to “The Deadman,” Styles and Michaels also share a similar quality.

“I think he’s probably the greatest worker of this generation right now. He’s just so good, and can work with anybody; closest person that really reminds me of Shawn as far as in-ring ability. There’s a few other guys, but he’s definitely at the top of the page.”

It’s clear that The Undertaker still has a desire to lace up his boots again, but he’s also accepted that his wrestling career is probably over. He told The National News that he’s proud of everything he’s accomplished, and he feels incredibly “blessed” to have had a 30-year career in WWE.

The Undertaker will be at this weekend’s Survivor Series pay-per-view to celebrate his 30th anniversary and bid farewell to the fans. As The Inquisitr previously documented, the show will also feature appearances from some unexpected names from his past.

If he does plan on competing again, however, Survivor Series will likely be the show that puts those plans in motion.