Kevin Bacon, Poo and Ice Cream

With more twists than an “s” bend here is what broke today:

The ice cream was actually revealed to be gelato. In more interesting news the Hotel held a press conference today, while still serving the free gelato. The Hotel spokesperson alleged the family who was served the excreta, the Whyte family, had “connections” to a rival hotel, implying sabotage.

The Whyte family hit back at claims they tried to “extort” the Hotel for $1 million, and their lawyer said of the claims of competing connections “what is this the six degrees of separation defense?.” The lawyer then went on to ask if Kevin Bacon put the shit in the ice cream.

This probably comes as a surprise to Kevin Bacon, and may well be the first time Kevin Bacon, shit and ice cream have appeared in the same sentence.

So did Kevin do it? We still think it was more likely the girls from 2 girls,1 cup.

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