Viral Video Shows Unidentified Dark Liquid Dripping From Rudy Giuliani’s Face During Press Conference

A viral video showed a dark liquid dripping down the face of Rudy Giuliani during a press conference where Donald Trump’s lawyer pushed his reportedly unfounded claims of election fraud, leading to some mockery of the former New York City mayor online.

Giuliani has taken over as the de facto spokesperson for the court efforts unfolding across the country as the president’s campaign pushes legal challenges to vote counting. Though the efforts have been largely unsuccessful to date and judges across the country have thrown out a number of cases, Fox News noted that Giuliani has pushed aggressively with claims that the race was stolen from the president.

“What I’m describing to you is a massive fraud,” he said while flanked by other members of the president’s legal team.

Yet one of the biggest takeaways from the press event held on Thursday was the unidentified dark liquid that was seen dripping down the sides of his head. As he spoke, the dark streaks could be seen as perspiration gathered on his forehead. Many took to social media to share video clips of the streaks that started near Giuliani’s hairline and moved downward.

Others took note of the visible perspiration that increased on his face as the media event went on, saying he appeared to be under pressure.

“Rudy Giuliani is having a meltdown. The bumbling ex-mayor sweated so much during the televised event that he had to keep dabbing his face with a napkin,” tweeted the New York Daily News, which included a picture of the liquid rolling down Giuliani’s cheeks. “Four other Trump campaign attorneys present for the unruly press conference did not appear sweaty.”

Giuliani claimed that there was corruption that took place in a number of large cities, singling out Philadelphia as a city with a long history of misconduct and cheating in elections. Critics have attacked the campaign for making these accusations without presenting evidence to back them up, and for appearing to take a strategy to buy time as races head to certification. As Fox News noted, the question-and-answer session appeared to grow contentious as a reporter asked Giuliani why he and the rest of the team appeared to be moving slowly in rolling out cases.

“We’re not going to drag it out. I mean it’s ridiculous for you to say we’re dragging it out,” he said.

Trump has refused to concede despite media outlets having called the race in favor of opponent Joe Biden, insisting that Giuliani and his legal team will uncover widespread fraud that proves he really won the race.

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