Rudy Giuliani Says Donald Trump Was Being ‘Sarcastic’ When He Said Joe Biden ‘Won’ Election

In an interview with Fox News broadcast on Sunday, attorney Rudy Giuliani attempted to clarify President Donald Trump’s latest comments about the 2020 presidential election, Mediaite reported.

Earlier in the day, Trump seemingly acknowledged Democrat Joe Biden’s victory. “He won because the Election was Rigged,” he tweeted, complaining about alleged irregularities.

The tweet was seen by some as Trump’s first admission of defeat and seemingly contradicted the president’s prior suggestions that he still has a path to victory.

But, according to Giuliani, Trump just being sarcastic. Speaking with anchor Maria Bartiromo, Giuliani — who is the president’s personal lawyer — insisted that the tweet should not be taken literally.

“What he’s saying is more… I guess you’d call it sarcastic, or a comment on the terrible times in which we live and which the media has said he [Joe Biden] won, but by going on to point out that it was illegal, obviously, he’s contesting it vigorously in the courts.”

Giuliani quickly pivoted to alleging widespread electoral fraud and suggested that ballots were counted improperly in states across the nation. As Mediaite noted, the lawyer then “erratically” moved his hands around, apparently to mimic poll workers and ballot counters.

“Will you be able to prove this, Rudy?” Bartiromo asked.

“I know I can prove that they did it in Michigan. I can prove it, with witnesses,” Giuliani insisted.

Bartiromo then asked whether Trump’s lawyers have any concrete of proof voter fraud, but Giuliani said that he couldn’t “really disclose” such information yet.

Trump has tried to clarify his comments as well. Hours after seemingly admitting that he lost to Biden, the commander-in-chief took to Twitter and attacked the press for projecting the Democrat as the winner.

“He only won in the eyes of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. I concede NOTHING!” he tweeted, once again describing the presidential race as “rigged.”

According to CNN, Giuliani is leading Trump’s legal efforts to challenge the results in key states. The campaign’s initiative has had little success so far, with nine cases in key states being either denied or dropped.

In Pennsylvania, the law firm hired to represent the Trump campaign withdrew from the case. In Arizona, Trump’s lawyers dropped their case after admitting that Biden’s lead was insurmountable. In addition, a judge in Michigan’s Wayne County rejected their allegations of electoral fraud.

As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Biden is projected to win the electoral college with 306 votes to Trump’s 232. The Democrat broke the popular vote record, receiving the support of more than 77 million Americans.

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