Jon Jones Punches Out Chael Sonnen In First Round UFC 159 Win

Jon Jones proved why longtime middleweight Chael Sonnen was a longshot in his UFC light heavyweight title when he knocked out his competitor in the first round of Saturday ‘s UFC 159 match.

Jones suffered through a bad toe injury to knock out his competitor in the first round of his title match.

Sonnen moved quickly from the start of the first round but was taken down by Jones. Sonnen regained his composure as Jones elected to fight inside the clinch. Jones was expected to use his large reach to his advantage.

Jones attempted to prove his ability to fight on the inside as he landed punches and elbows against his competitor. Jones during his inside barrage managed to pull Sonnen’s arm away and landed several elbow strikes followed by a knee to the body.

Following the onslaught of attacks and a cut up face referee Keith Peterson called the fight with 27 seconds left in the opening round.

Jon Jones was busy celebrating his UFC 159 win when he looked down to realize a bad break on his left big toe. After the fight Jones said of his injury:

“I don’t know, but when my adrenaline calms down, I’m going to be in some pain tonight.”

The win was a big one for Jon Jones who tied Tito Ortiz’s record for the most consecutive defenses of the UFC light heavyweight title at five.

“I was just so happy to get past Chael Sonnen,” said Jones. Chael Sonnen’s an awesome opponent. We went through a lot of drama that motivated me a lot.”

Jones now owns a UFC record of 18-1 MMA and 12-1 UFC.

Chael Sonnon (27-13-1 MMA, 6-6 UFC) has failed to win a UFC title fight in three of his last five appearances.

After the UFC match Sonnen hinted at an end to his MMA career:

“He’s an excellent fighter. have no problem with the decision or the stoppage. He’s very powerful. When he went for the kill, he never stopped. I thought I was alright, but I think he’s the better fighter. … I’m not going to be one of the guys to hang around. If there’s not a road to the title, then this sport isn’t for me. I believe that was probably my last opportunity.”

Do you think Jon Jones outmatched Chael Sonnen from the start of the match?

[Image via Bad intentionz]