David Cross Expresses Doubt Over Joe Biden Presidency: ‘I Think It’s Gonna Be Pretty Awful’

Comedian David Cross appeared on former Florida congressional candidate Jen Perelman’s podcast JENerational Change on Tuesday and spoke about how Democrat Joe Biden’s expected inauguration will affect his stand-up comedy.

“I’m sure I will do more stuff about how weak and feckless Democrats are,” he said. “And I would imagine that will come into play at some point, but who knows? I would be thrilled if things got — not that I think they will — but if things got better to the point where it’s like, ‘You know what? This really isn’t — I don’t wanna do this for a half-hour of my set.’ Talk about, you know, Biden and obstructionism.”

“I don’t think it’s gonna happen. I think it’s gonna be pretty awful and going to continue to be,” he clarified moments later.

Cross expressed similar skepticism on The Last Laugh podcast with The Daily Beast’s Matt Wilstein. He noted that his wife Amber Tamblyn joined their Brooklyn neighborhood to celebrate in the streets after Biden’s win but revealed he didn’t feel the same excitement. According to Cross, Biden’s victory is just one positive step forward, and significant change will require much more effort.

Earlier on in JENerational Change, Cross was pressed on his dislike of having to create material on Donald Trump. The comedian revealed that the focus of this material was primarily aimed at the president’s fan base and people who enabled his rise. Cross observed that this demographic existed before the head of state took office and will not be leaving the political arena anytime soon.

The Arrested Development star has been an open supporter of Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who was ultimately defeated by Biden in the Democratic primary. Cross has expressed support for Sanders’ progressive policies, which include the Green New Deal, free college, and Medicare for All — all of which Perelman supported during her congressional race.

Cross has taken aim at Biden and the Democratic Party before. In May, he slammed the Democratic National Committee and the Biden campaign’s messaging. In particular, he ridiculed their promotion of the “Riding with Biden” phrase used in support of the president-elect. The actor likened the messaging to a 16-year-old girl from a 1980s teen movie.

In 2019, Cross took to Twitter to amplify the progressive nonprofit Public Citizen, which noted that Chase Pay earned a $12 billion bailout after the late 2000s financial crisis and its CEO gets paid a $31 million salary. The comedian implied that a Biden presidency would not likely take aim at corporate America.

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