WWE Beauty Sasha Banks Goes For A Walk In Tiny Shorts & Tight Tank Top In Latest Instagram Snaps

WWE superstar Sasha Banks went for a walk in a brand new pair of sneakers this week, and she shared the news with her 4.9 followers through a selection of snaps. The wrestler also showed off her perfect physique by rocking a tight tank top and a pair of tiny shorts.

Banks was in a beautiful park at the time, surrounded by green grass and large trees. It was a sunny day, and the current SmackDown Women's Champion dressed appropriately for the warm occasion.

In the first snap, "The Boss" knelt down and stretched on the park's concrete path. Her left leg was outstretched, putting her foot close to the camera. The logo of her sneaker was on full display. The superstar also provided a close-up of her toned legs.

The second photo showed Banks sitting on the grass with her head tilted to the side, staring into the distance. Her sneakers were also front and center in this snap, providing her followers with a shot of the footwear's immaculate red soles.

In the third picture, Banks sat on the grass with her legs crossed. She rested her left arm on her knee and stared at the camera with a casual expression on her face. The park's green bushes were visible in the background.

The fourth snap depicted the champion in a sitting position again. That time, she pointed her forefingers toward the sky and stuck her tongue out. Banks laughed with her eyes closed, clearly enjoying herself.

Banks' shorts were black, complementing her white tank top and sneakers. Her hair color was dark brown at the time, which marked a change from the bright blue tone she's known for on WWE television.

In the accompanying caption, the wrestler invited her fans to take a walk with her. She also revealed that she was working to donate footwear to poverty-stricken children all around the world.

Banks' followers appreciated the uploads. Over 130,000 hit the like button, while 1,500 took a moment to leave a positive comment or similar emoji.

"You look amazing in these amazing cool shoes," one Instagram user gushed.

"Why you gotta stunt on us like that girl," a second Instagrammer asked.

Banks has been active on social media recently, and her fans haven't been complaining. As The Inquisitr documented last week, she shared some photos of herself cosplaying as The Undertaker to celebrate the legend's upcoming 30th anniversary in WWE.