WWE News: Bray Wyatt Teases New Feud On This Week’s ‘Monday Night Raw’

Just one week after it appeared that Bray Wyatt would be feuding with Randy Orton and Drew McIntyre in a three-way rivalry for the WWE Championship, the Monday Night Raw superstar seemed to transition to a new feud on the November 16 episode of the show — one against current Money in the Bank briefcase holder The Miz.

As recapped by WrestlingNews.co, the most recent edition of Wyatt’s Firefly Fun House segment featured the former world champion suggesting to Alexa Bliss that he should have a match against The Miz. After Wyatt attacked several of his puppets while training for “agility,” Bliss then asked him to spell the word “jacka**,” to which he replied by spelling it “M-I-Z.” Lastly, he trained for “accuracy” by placing an apple above Ramblin’ Rabbit and throwing a dart at it, only for the dart to go through the puppet’s heart.

WWE’s official Twitter posted an excerpt from this week’s Firefly Fun House, which you can watch here.

Given that Wyatt didn’t mention Orton or McIntyre during the segment, WrestlingNews.co speculated that his next feud will be against The Miz. This was seemingly solidified later on Raw, as Wyatt and Bliss refused Miz’s offer to help him cash in his Money in the Bank contract, per CBS Sports‘ recap. The two men would then go on to have a singles match, with Wyatt winning despite John Morrison’s attempts to distract him and further hinting at things to come when his alter-ego, The Fiend, appeared on the Titantron after the contest.

At this point, it’s unclear whether a title will be on the line if Wyatt and Miz’s feud moves forward in the weeks to come. This week’s Raw also featured McIntyre defeating Orton to regain the WWE Championship, and with Miz holding the MITB briefcase, he can now cash it in on the Scotsman, who is scheduled to face Universal titleholder Roman Reigns in a champion vs. champion match at Survivor Series on Sunday.

In addition to the apparent change in plans that resulted in Wyatt shifting his attention from Orton to The Miz, it seems that WWE is also considering making alterations to the WrestleMania 37 card that could involve the third-generation grappler. In a tweet posted on Monday, WrestleVotes wrote that while the plan is still for Orton to face Edge and resume their rivalry at the upcoming event, the idea of Edge getting booked against The Fiend has also “been discussed a great deal” behind the scenes.

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