Julian Sands Joining ‘Dexter’ For Final Season

Julian Sands has been announced as someone who will have a recurring role on the eighth and final season of Dexter. There aren’t a whole lot of details being released about this finale season of the Showtime hit show.

That certainly hasn’t changed when it comes to what Sands might be doing in the show. We do know that the British actor who usually plays a more well to do person who has a bit of a dark side will be playing a businessman who goes by the name of Miles Foster.

Julian Sands’s new character will apparently be one of those ruthless types who travels all over the world. How and when he crosses paths with our titular hero is anyone’s guess at this point but more than one person has already guessed that Foster will be a serial killer.

Should he turn into someone that Dexter has to take down, the showdown could be one of the better ones we’ve seen over the years. Another new cast member is Darri Ingolfsson who will also have a recurring role on the show.

Much like Sands, Ingolfsson’s length of stay on the show is not known but we do know that he will appear in a multi-episode arc that will have him dating Dexter’s neighbor.

Darri Ingolfsson’s character will be an antiques dealer who mostly is involved in medieval weapons. Considering that this is indeed the final year that Dexter will be fighting his special brand of the “good fight” it is likely that the characters that are introduced this season will be exiting the series in some rather original and probably gruesome ways.

Fans of the show can take heart in the fact that there has been a spinoff confirmed. This means you will be able to get your Dexter fix in other ways.

Are you excited to see what Julian Sands can do as a guest star?

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