‘Star Wars: The Old Republic’ Adds New Playable Race

Star Wars: The Old Republic has taken some action to keep the game feeling new again. The title took a turn to the free-to-play variety just last fall as a way to try and drum up more support online.

What once was considered one of the most popular MMOs in a rather crowded field has been losing gamers left and right over the last few years. That is why the company made the move to free-to-play and that certainly seems to have staunched the bleeding.

The addition of the Cathar race certainly isn’t some earth shattering move but it is one that could keep players interested in the game. This is the first major patch to the game since the 2.0 update that added the Hut Cartel DLC to the game’s universe.

Star Wars: The Old Republic has a new trailer to go along with the addition of the Cathar. The trailer shows off how you can play with the characters from this particular race. It looks as if the feline forms aren’t that much different than other races in the game.

You can wield either a blaster or a light saber but if there are actual special skills coming with the Cathar playable characters you will have to find out about them by actually playing the MMO.

For those who aren’t Star Wars dedicated fans, the Cathar as indeed a feline race that can be quite temperamental but are apparently fiercely loyal. One member of the race that hard core fans will remember is Juhani from Knights of the Old Republic fame.

If you have gone to the free-to-play mode you won’t get to take advantage of this new feature. Free players only get to choose from three different playable races and the maps they can check out are also limited.

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