PlayStation Vita Sales Boosted By ‘Soul Sacrifice’

Soul Sacrifice has boosted the sales of the PlayStation Vita.

PlayStation Vita sales have grown in Japan lately, and the recently released Soul Sacrifice is the biggest reason. Since the game’s debut on March 8, the game has sold about 200,000 units in just over a month. Keiji Inafune, the game’s developer, has already announced that a sequel is being discussed.

Keiji Inafune has gone on record as saying, “Soul Sacrifice is something I specifically designed for the Vita using the hardware’s specific features. To drive Vita sales even more, I have an idea for a Soul Sacrifice sequel. I’m actually approaching [Sony Computer Entertainment] regarding this project.”

The PlayStation Vita had been struggling with sales previously, even resorting to dropping the price of its portable console. Thanks to Soul Sacrifice, Sony is now seeing green for a while. In a way, this proves beyond a doubt that it’s not what the console can do, but what games you have available to play on it. Hopefully, Sony and Microsoft can both remember that in the next generation.

While Soul Sacrifice helped boost the sales of the PlayStation Vita, Sony is still hoping for more games to do the same. Soul Sacrifice is a third person game that rings a little bit of the Monster Hunter games. You can play as an in-your-face melee character, a spellcaster, or a powerhouse muscle-bound tank. This four-player co-op game has you gaining experience and bonus points for winning battles, though you can sacrifice allies and limbs to cast more powerful spells.

With original and fun games like Soul Sacrifice in the wings, any failing console may actually have hope for a brighter tomorrow. Perhaps Nintendo will figure it out before it’s too late. The Wii U has been failing at every step, and Nintendo seriously needs an ace in the hole to get it out of the mess it’s stuck in. Every console needs games like this.

How do you feel about Soul Sacrifice being the reason the PlayStation Vita is selling more?