Ann Coulter Says She Is ‘Very Happy’ That Donald Trump Lost The Election

Conservative commentator Ann Coulter gave a speech at the University of Texas at Austin on Thursday night and revealed that she is content with Donald Trump’s electoral defeat, Breitbart reported.

“The reason I’m very happy that [President] Trump lost – and lost narrowly – is that a second term of Trump would have killed us,” she said at the Young Conservatives of Texas event. “What we want, and what I think we can get in four years, is Trumpism without Trump.”

According to Coulter, the term “Trumpism” refers to an America that ensures its first priority is taking care of its own citizens.

“The left behind, the working class, the middle class — they want jobs, they want safe neighborhoods.”

Coulter suggested the Democratic Party’s victory could have been the result of “cheating” and pointed to the president’s repeated claims that mail-in ballots are susceptible to foul play. Nevertheless, she accused the U.S. leader of failing to back up his rhetoric with action and suggested that Trumpism “hasn’t been tried” and “certainly hasn’t triumphed.”

“So, I think the Republicans’ position [in the next four years] has to be: This is the new Republican Party. It will be Trumpism, but we’re getting rid of the eight-year-old.”

Although Coulter is not a supporter of Biden’s administration, she has expressed optimism at the Republican-led Senate’s ability to block its agenda. However, she expressed worry on Thursday night about the Democrats’ foreign policy agenda and the possibility they will enter into new overseas conflicts.

As for the GOP’s path forward, the conservative writer claimed they should focus on supporting populist issues and seek a 2024 candidate that is “articulate,” opposed to the media, and against political correctness. As The Inquisitr previously detailed, Trump is reported to be planning another presidential bid, and Fox News host Tucker Carlson has also been floated as a frontrunner for the future GOP presidential candidate.

Coulter also emphasized the importance of the GOP reaching out to African American and Hispanic voters — both groups that Trump made gains with, per The Guardian — and claimed that having less than 50 percent support from these demographics is “losing.”

Coulter has been critical of Trump in the past, despite her support for the Republican Party. She previously argued the president had been trained by voters to parrot various phrases while lacking an understanding of their meaning. The writer — who was an ardent Trump supporter early on — also slammed his failure to maintain his promise of creating a wall along the United States-Mexico border.

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