Rodney Allen Rippy Drops Out Of Compton Mayoral Race

Rodney Allen Rippy has dropped out of the mayoral race in Compton, California.

Rippy is a former child star who suddenly became famous when he starred in a Jack in the Box commercial back in 1972. The spot found the boy attempting to eat a hamburger that was nearly as big as his head. He was three-years-old when he was cast in the ad.

Following the success of the restaurant’s commercial, Rippy landed roles in a movies and TV shows. He also recorded an album entitled Make Life a Little Easier.

Unlike other child stars from that era, he managed to stay out of trouble. This may have had something to do with words of wisdom he received from his mom.

“My mom always said, ‘Rodney, you need to understand this: It’s very easy to get into trouble. It’s very difficult to get out,'” he explained.

Although Rodney Allen Rippy soon faded into obscurity, he reemerged into the public eye earlier this year when he decided to run for mayor of Compton. Unfortunately, he would receive only 75 votes in the primary election. He placed 10th out of a total of 12 candidates.

Rippy wasn’t using his fame as a former child star to help drive his campaign. Instead of pursuing acting once he finished high school, the Jack in the Box kid decided to go to college. He later graduated with a marketing degree.

“I wanted to continue to act, but at the time acting was a thing that unless you were really burning hot, you better have something on the back burner,” he explained.

In 2000 he formed the Ripped Marketing Group. He took everything he learned from promoting a wide variety of products to help stage his political campaign. Rippy said he wanted to help give Compton a face lift and change the way people viewed the Los Angeles suburb.

Unfortunately, the former child star didn’t have enough votes to make it happen. The race is now between Aja Brown and former mayor Mayor Omar Bradley, the latter of whom is facing corruption charges.

Do you remember Rodney Allen Rippy from the Jack in the Box commercials?

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