#ItsTimeToConcede Trends After Donald Trump Campaign Drops Arizona Lawsuit

On Friday, President Donald Trump’s campaign dropped its lawsuit in the state of Arizona. As The Wall Street Journal reported, after alleging that some ballots in Maricopa County were improperly rejected, Trump’s lawyers said that they wouldn’t ask officials to recount them.

As attorney Kory Langhofer admitted at the hearing, less than 200 votes were deemed problematic, which is why the campaign has decided against alleging electoral fraud. Democrat Joe Biden is ahead by 11,000 votes, according to data from The Associated Press.

As soon as news broke that the president’s team has all but given up on contesting the Arizona race, the hashtag “#ItsTimeToConcede” started trending on the social network Twitter.

“Dear @realDonaldTrump,” California Rep. Ted Lieu tweeted, “#ItsTimeToConcede.”

“Biden won the electoral college by a landslide 306 to 232,” political activist David Weissman wrote in a tweet.

“Georgia has been called. Biden has 306 Electoral College votes, the same that Trump won in 2016. It’s over, Don,” former congressional candidate Dr. John Biggan tweeted.

“At this point, it is ethically and morally untenable for Donald Trump to wait even another day to concede,” activist Shaun King said in a tweet, noting that Biden has amassed 74 delegates more than his opponent, while the race isn’t even close when it comes to the popular vote.

“Raise your hand if you think Trump should concede on Friday the 13th #ItsTimeToConcede,” tweeted writer Chip Franklin.

CNN host Jake Tapper suggested in a Twitter message that Biden is clearly the winner of the 2020 presidential election, slamming the commander-in-chief for refusing to accept reality.

“The only thing we don’t know is how much more of a spectacle the outgoing President is willing to make of his inability to concede defeat,” he wrote.

Earlier on Friday, Fox News host Geraldo Rivera suggested that Trump is open to accepting the results of the election.

Just hours before the Trump campaign announced that it is dropping the Arizona lawsuit, they experienced a setback in Pennsylvania, per CNN. Porter Wright Morris & Arthur, the firm Trump hired to represent him in the state, withdrew from the case.

Despite Trump’s repeated claims, there seems to be no evidence of voter fraud. The New York Times recently contacted officials in all competitive states, establishing that the presidential contest was entirely legitimate.

In a statement released on Thursday, the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) dismissed Trump’s claims, describing the 2020 election as the “most secure” in history and noting that there is absolutely no evidence of fraud.

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