'General Hospital' Spoilers: Sasha's Appetite For Drugs Leads Her Down A Darker Path Thanks To Cyrus

Kim Brandow

General Hospital previews for Friday's show reveal that Sasha Gilmore is heading down a very dark path which she may not be able to escape. Thanks to the most hated man in Port Charles, Cyrus Renault, she is being provided with as much cocaine as she wants. Her new friend seems to have her right where he wants her.

At the end of Thursday's General Hospital, Sasha came back to the dinner table that she was sharing with Cyrus to find another packet of the white powder placed under her menu. She looked a little bit shocked and he looked pleased. He knows exactly how to keep her close by. Cyrus claimed that he only wants to be friends with her and he wants nothing in return, but that seems unbelievable. He uses people for his own purposes, so it stands to reason that Sasha will be used to get something he wants. Spoilers from Soap Central tease that things will get really bad for Sasha.

It looks like Friday will be the day when the Crimson model may overdo it. In the weekly preview clip, the ABC soap hinted that someone may die this week. So far, Finn has survived his shooting and Franco's brain tumor hasn't gotten worse. However, clips of Sasha with the bag of cocaine looking desperate has caused rumors to swirl that she will end up overdosing.

The General Hospital previews for Friday show Sasha asking Cyrus what he knows about her "appetite." He sought her out just as she hit rock bottom. He knows all about her habit and is intent on feeding her habit even more. What is his real purpose for providing her with free cocaine?

Brando Corbin, who is currently working undercover as Cyrus' bodyguard, had a quick chat with Sasha today. As The Inquisitr had previously detailed, these two connected on Thursday. Brando could end up being a lifesaver for her if she does get in over her head with her drug habit.

Things are coming to a head with not only Sasha's addiction, but also for Chase, Michael, and Willow. Her drug use is bound to affect Michael once he finds out the truth that she and Chase are keeping from him and Willow. His relationship with his wife is heating up and it may be too late before Chase spills their secret.

November sweeps promise to be full of excitement and surprises along the way. There is also expected to be some major changes coming up on General Hospital as well.