Donald Trump Is Trying To Sway Public Opinion & Overturn Election Through State Legislatures, Journalist Says

British journalist Nafeez Ahmed used a Wednesday piece in Byline Times to outline the purported strategy Donald Trump is taking to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election, of which all major media outlets have projected former Vice President Joe Biden as the winner.

The writer noted that U.S. election law expert Edward B. Foley predicted that Trump would create a break in the constitutional order by rejecting the validity of the ballot count in Pennsylvania — as he is doing now.

“Part of the problem is that if political party interference is hell-bent on denying the legitimacy of a vote count, it’s possible to disrupt the election outcome,” the columnist wrote.

Nevertheless, the journalist pointed to a recent Reuters/Ipsos poll that found only 3 percent of Americans believe Trump won the election, suggesting he does not have the sway over public opinion necessary for his plan to work. But Ahmed argued that Trump’s current strategy is focused on gaining this influence to overturn the election via state legislatures.

The piece pointed to Republican lawmakers and state legislatures that are moving behind Trump and supporting his claims of voter fraud, which have yet to be proven legitimate with evidence. It also highlighted the president’s purported attempts to control the military by appointing loyalists to top posts. With enough support and distrust in the ballot count amid these parallel breakdowns, Ahmed argued, Trump could push states to appoint electors to “reflect the ‘true’ will of the state’s voters.”

“Trump’s strategy is to create enough noise around the idea of Biden vote fraud to stoke what eventually becomes an unsurpassable disagreement between the two houses of Congress on who actually won the presidential election. By manufacturing the appearance of a ‘plausible basis for disputing the outcome,’ Trump could grant himself ‘a fighting chance’ at stealing the election.”

Vox journalist Andrew Prokop warned on Wednesday that Trump could succeed in overturning the election. However, he claimed the head of state could only be victorious with concrete proof of widespread electoral fraud and the support of officials and judges.

Democrats appear to have prepared for a scenario in which the election comes down to state legislatures. As The Inquisitr reported, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi previously sent a letter for her colleagues and urged them to prepare for the possibility that they would decide the next president. If both parties fail to secure enough Electoral College votes by January 20, 2021, the House would take votes from each of its state delegations and determine the president.

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