'Days Of Our Lives' Spoilers: Chad Searches For Abby, Claire Kisses Theo

Days of Our Lives spoilers for Wednesday, November 11 reveal that there will be plenty of drama during the midweek episode.

According to a recent report by Soap Hub, fans can expect to see Chad DiMera (Billy Flynn) search for his wife, Abigail Deveraux (Marci Miller). Abby is currently in a raw emotional state after she found out that her father, Jack (Matthew Ashford), had cheated on her mother Jennifer (Caddie McClain) while she was in a year-long coma.

Abby found the information in a letter that Jack had written to Kate. She then got drunk and told everyone at Jack and Jennifer's anniversary party about the infidelity. After her parents had it out, Abigail ran into her father. Jack let Abby have it for her behavior and blamed her for possibly ruining his marriage.

Now, Abigail is nowhere to be found, and Chad will be worried about the love of his life. Fans know that Abby has dealt with a lot of mental health issues in the past, and that she's still not completely stable. This will worry Chad, as his wife is fragile and has been drinking alcohol on top of taking her medication. Since the two don't mix well, it seems that there could be cause for concern.

Brandon Barash attends an event.
Getty Images | Chris Weeks

Meanwhile, Jake Lambert (Brandon Barash) will be happy as a clam following his romantic encounter with Kate Roberts (Lauren Koslow). However, his happiness will be interrupted when he runs into his ex-girlfriend, Gwen, at the mansion.

Jake is very suspicious of Gwen and will blame her for orchestrating all the drama and chaos that occurred at Jack and Jennifer's party. Although Jake isn't sure how she did it, he does believe that Gwen has a devious plan that she's unleashing on Abigail and her family members.

In addition, Charlie will take Xander Kiriakis' (Paul Telfer) advice and go looking for Claire. He's ready to take the next step in the couple's friendship and start a romantic relationship. However, his hopes may be dashed when he stumbles upon Claire locking lips with her former boyfriend, Theo Carver.

Theo has just returned to Salem, but it seems that he and Claire are already mending fences and could be ready to reconnect, despite her budding filtration with Charlie.

Finally, Xander will give Victor Kiriakis (John Aniston) some evidence that implicates his business rival Philip (Jay Kenneth Johnson). Xander and Philip have been going head-to-head for weeks now, as they both want to be the sole CEO at Titan Industries. They're both looking for ways to oust the other, and the rivalry shows no signs of stopping.