Bella Hadid Shows Off Abs In Tiny Crop Top On Instagram

Bella Hadid was in very high spirits on Sunday, as shown on her Instagram page. You can view her post here.

The model spent the day strolling around town with a big smile on her face, referencing the mood change in the air following the results of the 2020 presidential election. Former Vice President Joe Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, were victorious.

Bella posted a series of pictures and videos from her sunny Sunday, but the most eye-popping one was definitely the first clip of the slideshow. In it, she showcased her abs and supermodel figure as she rocked a tiny white crop top, which she paired with a classic white shirt that she left unbuttoned. The hippie-style ensemble was completed with a cute brown vest and a pair of mid-rise light-blue jeans.

The 24-year-old accessorized the look with a belt, a pair of small sunglasses, a light brown shoulder bag and a beautiful scarf that she tied around her bag for a pop of color. She also sported lots of jewelry pieces, including some chunky necklaces, drop earrings and plenty of rings, and she wore her light brown locks up in a messy bun.

In the first clip of her post, Bella could be seen beaming with joy as she leaned against a wood pole, making her abs even more visible. The following slides offered glimpses of her day, including a visit to a market and a stop for lunch. She was pictured at a restaurant, where she ordered some grilled toast and a glass of wine.

The last clip of the slide showed Bella enthusiastically raising her fist in the air, presumably celebrating the election results. Her latest post garnered over 1 million likes and lots of comments, including one from her older sister, Gigi Hadid.

“U cute I love u I miss u,” Gigi commented.

Bella was a prominent voice in the celebrity world when it came to the election, taking part in voting campaigns and often encouraging her fans to cast their ballots. She posted a snap on social media, seen here, about her voting. She also took her mother to vote for the first time, as Yolanda Hadid only recently became an American citizen, according to one of Bella’s Instagram posts, as seen here. Like many who supported the Democratic party, she has been celebrating the victory the past few days.

However, the U.S. elections are not the only timely political issue that the Hadid family care about. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gigi and Bella unfollowed Kim Kardashian on social media after an alleged disagreement over Armenia’s conflict with Azerbaijan.

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