Bella And Gigi Hadid Unfollow Kim Kardashian As They Reportedly Feud Over Armenia

Kim Kardashian is reportedly battling with Gigi and Bella Hadid over their apparent support of Azerbaijan in its conflict with Armenia. Things are said to be so heated that the two model siblings decided to unfollow the 39-year-old on social media, but continue to follow her siblings, The Sun reported.

“Bella and Gigi posted about Armenia last weekend, in a greater effort to raise awareness about the ongoing conflict with Azerbaijan,” the source said.

But they ended up changing course.

“The girls got backlash online so they deleted those posts,” the insider added.

Initially, it wasn’t clear why they removed their messages, but Kim apparently later found out the siblings, who are close to Kim’s sisters Kylie and Kendall Jenner, might be in support of Azerbaijan over Armenia. So she decided to discuss the situation with them and express her own position.

“Kim texted both of them, reaching out to try to inform them about the conflict because she has been raising awareness about Armenia’s cause, but Bella and Gigi did not take that well and got upset,” the source claimed.

Apparently, the conversation didn’t go over well.

“Bella and Gigi unfollowed Kim shortly thereafter,” the insider said.

The problem between the two countries emerged weeks ago over a disputed territory in the Caucasus mountains. During the battle, Azerbaijan claimed an Armenia missile killed over a dozen civilians in a city away from the main fighting. Armenia asserted Azerbaijan had killed civilians, as well.

While a cease-fire was brokered two days ago, the countries have both accused the other of violating the agreement, as NPR reported.

Kim has been vocal about her support for Armenia, visiting repeatedly and donating a million dollars to a fund aimed at supporting the country, which she has ancestry from.

“We need international observers to investigate & call for international political and diplomatic measures to prevent unnecessary escalation & tragedy,” Kim said recently.

The drama only adds to the continuing situation unfolding in her personal life. According to recent reports, the reality star and her husband, Kanye West, have been struggling behind-the-scenes after the rapper revealed personal details about their family, including how he wanted to have his eldest daughter aborted and that he has been trying to divorce Kim. He also suggested his mother-in-law, Kris Jenner, is a white supremacist.

Reportedly, the makeup mogul is considering divorcing Kanye and already has the plan laid out, as The Inquisitr previously reported.

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