Donald Trump’s Motorcade Met With Hundreds Of Middle Fingers As He Returned From Golfing After Election Called

Donald Trump’s motorcade received a less-than-warm welcome on Saturday, as the president returned home from a golf trip just after major news networks finally called the presidential race in favor of his rival.

As Newsweek noted, Trump was on the golf course when the race was officially called by news networks. Biden had been steadily growing his lead in the state of Pennsylvania as more votes were counted, and early on Saturday, networks declared the Democratic candidate as the winner, pushing him over the 270 electoral vote threshold and making him the apparent winner of the election.

As the report added, large crowds gathered outside the White House as many took to the streets to celebrate the outcome. When Trump left his company’s golf course in Virginia at the completion of his round and drove back to the White House, many people gathered near the streets to greet him. As the report noted, hundreds of those lined up held up their middle fingers as he passed by.

“Trump’s presidential motorcade made up of a dozen all-black SUVs and flashing police cruisers drove past hundreds of critics holding up their middle fingers and screaming ‘bye’ as he returned from golfing,” the report noted. “Boos reverberated around the streets of Washington and other U.S. cities as CNN, Fox News and other major media networks officially declared Biden the winner on Saturday afternoon.”

There were similar celebrations that broke out across the country, with many celebrating the apparent end of his time in office. Trump has not yet officially acknowledged the projection, making a series of statements claiming that he won the race and pushing unfounded allegations that his opponent benefitted from massive election fraud.

As The Inquisitr reported, some close to the president said that he is still in denial about the results, not acknowledging that the election was over and vowing to push ahead on legal challenges.

Another golf trip on Sunday was met with more protesters, with pool reporters noting that his motorcade was met with a smaller group of demonstrators. Some of them held signs mocking Trump and making digs at his loss.

Some have predicted that the president could have more golf outings in the future. Michael Cohen, his former personal lawyer, said he believes Trump may travel to his luxury Mar-a-Lago resort for the Christmas holiday and never return to the White House, skipping Biden’s inauguration and staying in Florida.

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