Members Of First Family Reportedly Pressure Donald Trump To Concede

Pressure is mounting on President Donald Trump to accept the results of the 2020 presidential election and concede the race to Democrat Joe Biden, ABC’s Jon Karl reported on Sunday.

Per Mediaite, speaking with This Week anchor George Stephanopoulos, Karl said that “virtually everybody in the president’s inner circle, his true closest advisers — including his family members — are fully aware that this is over.”

Biden was projected as the winner of the presidency by virtually all major media organizations after it became abundantly clear that Trump has no path to victory. Still, the commander-in-chief has disputed the results, alleging widespread voter fraud and vowing to mount legal challenges in key states.

According to Karl’s sources, members of the first family — including first lady Melania Trump — have tried to persuade the president to commit to a “graceful exit” in order to preserve his own political prospects and remain an influential figure in conservative politics.

“There have been conversations that I am told include the first lady about how to convince him to make something of a graceful exit, how to go to him and talk to him about the movement he has built, about his role in the Republican Party, about the way he can be a kingmaker in 2022, 2024, and maybe even run again, and how if he doesn’t leave in the right way, he could jeopardize all of that.”

This seems to confirm the latest reporting from CNN. On Sunday, the publication’s sources said that first lady Melania and Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and White House adviser, have both told the commander-in-chief that the time has come to concede the race.

Trump campaign spokesman Jason Miller denied these allegations, saying that Kushner is still in favor of taking legal action to challenge the results in several states.

Per CNN, Trump has privately admitted defeat, but he is still adamant about pursuing legal challenges.

According to Fox News‘ sources, however, Trump would concede and commit to a peaceful transition of power under certain circumstances. Apparently, the commander-in-chief would follow longstanding norms and procedures if his lawyers failed to provide concrete evidence of electoral fraud.

Biden and his running mate, Sen. Kamala Harris, have already moved on. The Democrats delivered their victory speeches on Saturday evening. Biden pledged to unite the nation and govern as the leader of all Americans regardless of their party affiliation, while Harris discussed the historic nature of their apparent victory and invoked the legacy of the civil rights movement.

Earlier that day, world leaders sent congratulatory messages to the Democratic duo, wishing the incoming administration success, per NPR.

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