Donald Trump Could Resign In Disgust To Pave Way For His Son’s Presidential Run In 2024, Texas Democrat Claims

Donald Trump may resign before Inauguration Day as something of a protest of the 2020 presidential election and to set up a 2024 run for his eldest son, a Texas Democrat speculates.

Elizabeth Hernandez, a congressional candidate in Texas, took to Twitter to offer her prediction that he may not serve the rest of his term in office but rather leave in anger. In a subsequent tweet in response to a question of whether he may be seeking a pardon from Vice President Mike Pence, Hernandez said she believes that could be part of Trump’s strategy but believed there was another reason he could leave office.

“But I could see him resigning ‘in disgust at the rigged system’ as a better set up for Jr. in 24 than just conceding and quietly going,” she tweeted.

Others have joined in speculating that Donald Trump Jr. may have political ambitions. As The Inquisitr reported, both he and Eric Trump have hinted that they could consider a run for president in the next cycle, though Trump Jr. has been the subject of more widespread speculation including rumors that he may run for mayor of New York City.

Hernandez, who was projected to come up short in her bid to unseat Republican Rep. Kevin Brady in Texas, gained some viral interest for her speculation and joins a number of others who have hinted that he may resign before his term ends.

Earlier in the week, journalist JT Terán speculated that he could leave the White House out of embarrassment rather than stay through to what would be Biden’s inauguration.

“I have this weird theory that I’ve been thinking about that when he loses all four of these last states, Trump is just gonna lose it, be too embarrassed, and resign,” he tweeted.

Others have long speculated that it would be in Trump’s nature to quit when the going gets too tough. Tony Schwartz, ghostwriter of the former real estate mogul’s best-selling Art of the Deal, has long said he believes that Trump would buckle under the pressure of a major loss and decide to resign.

As the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election was unfolding, Schwartz predicted that if it appeared he would be implicated and potentially removed from office, he would find a way to quit.

“I surely believe that at some point over the next period of time he’s going to have to figure out a way to resign,” Tony Schwartz told Anderson Cooper, via HuffPost.

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