Donald Trump’s Projected Loss Has Reportedly Angered Russian State Media

A Saturday report from The Daily Beast claimed that Russian state media isn’t happy with U.S. President Donald Trump’s projected defeat after various American media outlets called the election for Democrat Joe Biden, Raw Story reported.

“Nothing will ever be the same… What are we witnessing? What is the world coming to? Not only this country, but the world?” Russian state media show host Evgeny Popov asked.

Popov also claimed that the U.S. leader was unable to lift sanctions on Russia due to legislation that was enacted by Democrats.

Russian politician Leonid Kalashnikov appeared to share Popov’s grief over the likely electoral result.

“Unfortunately, Trump lost. Understandably, I have nothing to be happy about… All of us should be thinking: ‘What is Russia supposed to do now?’ Get ready to be disconnected from SWIFT [international banking payment system]? That Europe will line up along with their sanctions?”

Kalashnikov said that Trump’s loss would pave the way for U.S. attacks on Russia and paralleled the purported scenario to the American presence in the Middle East.

Others, such as lawmaker Vladimir Zhirinovsky, expressed dissatisfaction over the American commander in chief’s term.

“Trump didn’t do anything good for us,” he complained.

The lawmaker continued to note that Trump never visited the country and did not invite Russian President Vladimir Putin to the White House, as other presidents have.

“Donald Trump did not come to Moscow and never invited our president to Washington. Therefore, all we are left with are bad memories.”

According to The Daily Beast, the head of state’s loss has been described by pro-Russia pundits, news anchors, and experts as the “worst scenario” for the country.

Trump’s friendliness with Putin sparked theories about Russia’s influence on the president. Nevertheless, Robert Mueller’s investigation into the real estate mogul’s 2016 campaign turned up no evidence of collusion with the Kremlin.

As The Inquisitr reported, Chicago Tribune columnist Clarence Page argued that Trump has been tougher on Russia than his predecessor, Barack Obama. However, the columnist noted that this record conflicts with the U.S. leader’s public comments toward Russia, which have sparked concern on many occasions.

John Herbst, a Russia scholar at the Atlantic Council, echoed Page in an op-ed for The Independent. He claimed that Trump’s administration had taken many actions against Russia that Obama was not willing to and suggested that this approach was the result of White House advisers as opposed to the commander in chief.

Trump has been a fan of Putin for years. Notably, he wrote a letter to the Russian strongman after he won the TIME magazine Man of the Year award.

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