Donald Trump’s Accusations Of Voter Fraud Are ‘Pathological Projection,’ Psychologist Says

Clinical psychologist Alan D. Blotcky penned an op-ed for Raw Story on Friday that suggested the accusations of voter fraud leveled at the Democratic Party by Donald Trump are part of a “pathological projection” of his own attempts to subvert American democracy.

“He has voiced baseless accusations of voter fraud,” the columnist wrote. “But it is actually Trump who is attempting to subvert the election process and to undermine our democracy. This is Trump’s use of projection once again.”

According to Blotcky, Trump has consistently used this purported projection — which he called a “psychic mechanism” — to “brainwash” the Americans who support him. The doctor claimed that projection is a “primitive and immature mechanism” that is used by individuals to accuse other people of doing or feeling what they are. He said it is commonly observed in personality disorders and psychotic conditions.

“It is a common mechanism for Donald Trump — it speaks to his severe personality pathology.

Blotcky pushed back against Trump’s claims that the electoral process has been rigged in favor of Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden and said the president is “embarrassed and humiliated” by the results. Instead of accepting these results, the columnist argued that the head of state is playing the victim to rile up his base.

“Rather than deal with reality in a mature and reasonable fashion, Trump is reflexively and instinctually reverting to his victimhood mentality and trying to convince others that he has been aggrieved and mistreated.”

The columnist called for Americans to “move on” from Trump and let the country begin to heal from the U.S. leader’s “pathology.”

As The Inquisitr reported, the psychologist previously warned that the commander in chief’s alleged psychiatric disturbance could end up destroying American democracy. In particular, the doctor warned that the president would have no qualms about undermining America’s democratic systems for his own personal and political gains.

Trump continues to claim that the election is being ripped away from him via voter fraud, The Globe and Mail reported. As the publication noted, the Department of Homeland Security’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency — which oversees U.S. election security — pushed back on claims of voter fraud. In the statement, the agency claimed that it is “highly difficult” to use counterfeit ballots for fraudulent purposes and noted the many safeguards in place to ensure the integrity of voting tabulation and results certification. However, the agency did not mention the head of state by name.

Trump’s claims have also received pushback from Republicans, who believe he is undermining America’s democratic institutions.

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