WWE Rumors: Officials Reportedly Want Talented ‘Friday Night SmackDown’ Star To Receive More Opportunities

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According to WrestlingNews.co, several influential people behind the scenes in WWE are reportedly pushing for Chad Gable to be given more opportunities on television.

The Friday Night SmackDown superstar recently rejected his “Shorty G” moniker and started reusing his original name again.

This character makeover suggested that he might be in line for a push, though he was kept off the last SmackDown episode as creative supposedly had nothing for him for the night.

However, the fact he was even called “Shorty G” suggested that chairman Vince McMahon wasn’t a fan of the wrestler’s height. That apparently wasn’t the case.

According to the report, McMahon gave Gable the comedy gimmick because he wanted to help the former Tag Team Champion become more popular with the fans. While the gimmick was poorly received, it was supposed to be a boost for the superstar.

Gable has been compared to Kurt Angle due to their similar athletic backgrounds. The WrestlingNews.co article also mentioned the Hall of Famer in regard to Gable’s WWE career and the company’s mindset toward him.

Angle was also given a comedy gimmick early on in his career in an effort to make him connect with fans as an entertainer. This element of his persona, coupled with his undeniable in-ring prowess, eventually led to him becoming a main eventer.

Shorty G makes his way to the ring

As The Inquisitr previously reported, “Shorty G” was supposedly the chairman’s way of showing his appreciation for Gable’s impressive performances during last year’s King of the Ring tournament. The boss still appears to be a fan of the star.

The report stated that McMahon admires his toughness. Prior to joining the company, he represented the United States at the 2012 Olympic Games. The WWE boss reportedly respects the performer for his non-sports entertainment accomplishments, but he thinks that there’s something missing from his pro-wrestling arsenal.

Daniel Bryan is one of the people who’s purportedly pushing for Gable to ascend up the card. The former World Champion became a member of the writing team earlier this year, and he’s made it his goal to elevate deserving talents.

Bryan reportedly thinks that the company could be doing more with the talented grappler. The fact that Bryan is still an active in-ring performer could mean that he will be given a program with Gable down the line as well.

In the past, Bryan has vouched for several underutilized wrestlers, including Drew Gulak. In some cases, it’s led to them receiving more television time.