Donald Trump’s Political Career Began With Racist ‘Lie’ And Ends With Black Woman In White House, Pundit Says

A CNN pundit said on Thursday that Donald Trump’s political career started with a “racist birther lie,” but will end with a historic moment — a black woman in the second-highest office in the nation, The Independent reported.

Political reporter Abby Phillip was speaking about what appears to be the end of Trump’s time in office after Democratic challenger Joe Biden surged ahead in a series of key battleground states and appears poised to win the race. The conversation turned to the potentially historic nature of the Democratic ticket, which would see California Sen. Kamala Harris become the vice president, making her the first woman of color to serve in that role.

Phillip spoke about the importance of the moment and contrasted it with the allegations of racism that have long dogged Trump. She referenced his role in the “birther” movement, which claimed that Barack Obama was not born in the United States and had lied on his birth certificate by saying that he was born in Hawaii. Critics said the conspiracy theory was rooted in racism, and Trump was one of the most vocal in pushing it before denouncing it during his 2016 campaign.

“And not only would Black women put Joe Biden in the White House, but they would also put a Black woman in the White House as well and that is the sort of historical poetry that I think we will live with for a long time,” Phillip said. “In addition to the fact that Donald Trump’s political career began with the racist birther lie, it may very well end with a black woman in the White House.”

Allegations of racism against Trump were at the forefront in this campaign, with Biden frequently calling Trump out for what he saw as racist actions or statements. The former vice president said he was inspired to enter the race after the controversial protest in Charlottesville when a number of white supremacist groups gathered to protest the planned removal of a Confederate statue. The weekend erupted in violence and left a counter-protester dead. Trump made multiple controversial remarks about the protest, including the statement that there were “very fine people” on both sides of the demonstration.

Trump has denied allegations of racism several times, including during the second presidential debate. He has instead insisted that he was the best president for African Americans since Abraham Lincoln, referencing record-low unemployment rates achieved before the coronavirus pandemic.

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