Decision Desk HQ Calls 2020 Presidential Race For Joe Biden

Decision Desk HQ has called the 2020 presidential election in favor of Joe Biden after projecting a win for the former vice president in Pennsylvania.

No other outlet has announced a win for either candidate at this time.

With 98 percent of the state reporting, there are still 25,000 ballots left to be counted, according to CNN.

In an interview today with CBS This Morning, Republican Sen. Pat Toomey called President Donald Trump’s allegations of voter fraud “disturbing.” He further stated he is not aware of any significant wrongdoing and if there is any, the evidence needs to come out. Toomey acknowledged recent corruption problems within the state, as well as the non-compliance of a state commonwealth court order that vote counters be closely observed, which he said is not right. He then reiterated that does not prove there is any widespread fraud or theft.

“There is simply no evidence that anybody has shown me or anyone else I’m aware of, of any kind of widespread corruption or fraud,” he said.

Toomey also criticized a supreme court ruling allowing mail-in ballots to be received up to three days after election day.

The interview wrapped up with Toomey pushing for all votes to be counted before any decisions are made.

“I want the next president to be the person who legitimately wins the Electoral College. You can’t win an election until the votes have been counted.”

Pennsylvania is not the only state where election results are not confirmed. Eyes are also on Arizona where Trump made gains yesterday, although Biden is still ahead. With 90 percent of the state reporting, Biden is leading the state. Fox News called Arizona for the former vice president early on, and during an interview with Arnon Mishkin last night, the network’s decision desk stood by the call.

Georgia has seen the gap between candidates close as well with them now tied at 49.5 percent as mail-in ballots continue to be counted. There are 14,000 ballots left to be tallied.

Over in Nevada, Biden continues to show a lead as well. He holds the state with a slim margin which could change at any time with more than 10 percent of districts still pending.

According to Fox News, reports from North Carolina say results may not be finalized for another week, but depending on how the results come in from the other undecided locations, their electoral votes may not help either candidate. A total of 270 votes is needed for a win. Biden is currently showing 253 votes while Trump has 213, according to CNN.

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