'Bachelorette' Star Clare Crawley Spotted Out In Sacramento With Colossal Engagement Ring

The cat has been out of the bag for quite some time now regarding the outcome of Clare Crawley's season of The Bachelorette. The 39-year-old was rumored to have left the show after finding love early on, which proved to be true when all was finally revealed on the November 5 episode of the series. Clare and Dale Moss confessed their love to one another, and a subsequent engagement followed leaving all the other suitors scratching their heads.

Before the episode debuted, Clare was spotted out and about in Sacramento, California, while shopping at Target. Entertainment Tonight acquired the photos of the reality star rocking a giant diamond ring on her left ring finger, suggesting that she was engaged after all.

The outlet shared three different photos of Clare where she sported two different looks. It appears as if some of the photos were snapped as she was going in the store, and others when she came out.

In one of the images, the former Bachelor contestant was wearing a pink tank top and black sunglasses. She held her key fob and iced tea in one hand while her left hand was empty, only adorned with the large ring. In a second image, Clare could be seen pushing a shopping cart, and with the help of a zoom lens, the engagement ring could be seen resting on top of the cart's handlebar.

Clare Crawley and Dale Moss cuddle on The Bachelore
ABC | Craig Sjodin

The colossal ring appeared to have three separate bands all adorned with different sized diamonds. Dale's proposal ring looks to be the ring in the middle, with the two other bands being something Clare added later on. The Neil Lane-designed piece was one of the most impressive ever proposed with on the show and it looks like Clare has no issue showing it off.

Whether Clare will continue to sport her former diamond ring now that she's officially engaged to Dale remains to be seen. In October, the hairstylist explained why she wore a sparkly band on what she called her "wedding" finger.

"The truth is because it is a commitment to myself first and foremost, to embody self-love," she said in an Instagram post.

Some fans are speculating one of the bands next to her engagement ring is this "self-love" band, but Clare has not commented on it just yet.

Now that "the oldest Bachelorette" has been spotted out with the giant rock, it confirms spoilers from Reality Steve that she and Dale are still engaged today. For now, neither Dale nor Clare has posted on social media showing off the new bling since the episode aired.