Donald Trump Reportedly Eyeing ‘Resurrection Run’ In 2024

Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has secured projected wins in key states and seems inches away from the presidency. President Donald Trump, meanwhile, has disputed the results of the election, alleging fraud and claiming via Twitter to have emerged victorious in several battlegrounds.

This does not mean Trump has given up on serving another term, according to Jim Acosta, the chief White House correspondent for CNN. During a conversation with anchor Jake Tapper, which can be viewed below, Acosta reported that those close to Trump realize that he is all but certain to lose, noting that they are already looking ahead to 2024.

The reporter said that “some aides and advisers” close to the commander-in-chief have acknowledged that he is going to “lose this election,” but claim that he “may mount some sort of resurrection run in 2024.”

“This possibility has been discussed, I’m told, inside the Trump campaign by some aides and advisers, and some have even talked about it with the president himself.”

Acosta stressed that this shows the president and his allies have essentially accepted defeat, despite publicly claiming otherwise. The reporter said that this speculation is “an indication that they’re starting to feel like perhaps they’re running out of time inside the Trump campaign.”

Trump’s team has taken legal action in several states. In Wisconsin, which Biden seems to have won, the campaign’s lawyers requested a recount. If approved, the recount would have to be completed within 13 days of the court order and both candidates would have the right to appeal the recounted result in court.

Still, Trump has voiced concerns about the legal process.

“Our lawyers have asked for ‘meaningful access,’ but what good does that do? The damage has already been done to the integrity of our system, and to the Presidential Election itself. This is what should be discussed!” he tweeted earlier today.

It has already been speculated that Trump may run again in four years. Bryan Lanza, who served as the communications director for Trump’s transition team in 2016, pointed out on Thursday that the commander-in-chief remains exceptionally popular among Republican voters. This suggests that he might easily win the Republican Party primary in 2024.

The Republican would be 78 years old by the time the next presidential contest takes place, but this would not be an issue, according to Lanza, who noted that Biden would be 81 at that time.

There are no legal obstacles to Trump running again in four years since the U.S. Constitution allows presidents to serve non-consecutive terms.

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