Media Will Call Election For Joe Biden But Donald Trump Will Win Through Lawsuits, Commentator Says

As the presidential race reaches its conclusion and Joe Biden appears close to a victory over Donald Trump, commentator Tim Pool predicted that an apparent Democratic win would be short-lived.

“My current thoughts,” he tweeted. “Media calls it for Biden. Trump files lawsuits and wins. Next four years ‘Trump stole the election.'”

The comment comes as the Associated Press has Biden at 264 electoral votes, with the 270 needed to win, and his opponent with 214. As the publication noted, the Democrat is now one state away from securing the White House. But Trump’s team has requested a recount in Wisconsin and filed lawsuits in Michigan and Pennsylvania that could throw a wrench into the race.

Trump campaign manager Bill Stepien said in a statement released on Wednesday that the campaign was not allowed to observe some Michigan counting locations as is guaranteed by state law.

“The damage has already been done to the integrity of our system, and to the Presidential Election itself,” the U.S. leader tweeted.

Although Pool appears to believe that the lawsuits will work in the commander in chief’s favor, not everyone agreed.

“Joe Biden wins after all votes are tallied and recounted after Trump sues. Trump & his followers continue to claim ‘the Dems stole the election!’ for four years even though that was proven false through courts and recounts that confirm Biden’s win,” one user responded to his proposed scenario.

The U.S. leader falsely claimed victory early on election night as Biden held the lead in both the Electoral College and popular vote. Per Variety, the commander in chief also claimed he would use the Supreme Court to temporarily halt the counting of votes. The plan drew backlash and appeared to support the previous reporting on the alleged scheme that Trump denied.

As the president continues to take aim at the mail-in voting process and suggest foul play, his team is allegedly planning a legal battle in the weeks ahead. As reported by NBC News, the U.S. leader’s advisers are pushing Trump to remain optimistic in the face of his shrinking odds of victory.

According to the publication, White House senior advisor Jared Kushner, chief of staff Mark Meadows, and campaign officials met at its Virginia headquarters on Wednesday to prepare for the legal battles and drive a strategy that involves keeping Trump in the spotlight as president.

Nevertheless, CNN Senior Washington Correspondent Jeff Zeleny reported that Biden lawyer Bob Bauer said the head of state’s lawyers had yet to appear in front of the Supreme Court as of Wednesday morning. According to Bauer, this absence was for a specific reason.

“He will be in for one of the most embarrassing defeats a president has ever suffered,” he tweeted.

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