WWE Rumors: Latest Update On Lana’s ‘Monday Night Raw’ Push Revealed In New Reports

According to the latest behind-the-scenes rumors, Monday Night Raw superstar Lana is indeed a babyface, just as suggested by the numerous times she has been attacked on television over the past few months. And it might not be much longer before she gets her on-screen revenge against the woman who has been singling her out in these post-match segments.

As quoted by WrestlingNews.co, Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez discussed Lana’s status on the red brand on Tuesday morning’s edition of Wrestling Observer Radio, noting how on Monday night, the wrestler was slammed through a table once again by Nia Jax. After Alvarez suggested that this didn’t sound like a substantial babyface push for the 35-year-old, Meltzer shared the conflicting reports he got from two separate WWE sources — one who said a few weeks ago that Lana was still a heel and another who more recently informed him that she’s now a face.

“I had Lana on the heel side because I thought she was a heel,” Meltzer was quoted as saying. “[They told me] no, no, no, she’s a babyface and she’s getting a real big push.”

Although Alvarez countered by observing that Lana seems to be getting buried because of how she’s been put through a table for seven straight weeks, Meltzer explained that officials see this as a sign of better things to come for the wrestler once frequently referred to as “The Ravishing Russian.”

“In their minds, every time they put her through a table, she’s getting more over.”

As reported by The Inquisitr, rumors of Lana getting a “major” run as a heroic character started swirling in October, given how company officials were reportedly trying to reinvent her as an underdog. One example of such booking featured her winning a battle royal to determine the No. 1 contender for Asuka’s Raw Women’s Championship. While she lost in her eventual title shot, as recapped by Cageside Seats, many still speculated that Jax’s continued post-match attacks on her were WWE’s way of punishing her for her husband Miro’s decision to sign with AEW and criticize his former employer on-air.

However, it appears that Lana might soon be getting her first big moment as a face. WrestlingNews.co claimed to have spoken to another company source, who informed the publication that she will “eventually get back” at Jax by putting her through a table. The insider was reportedly “adamant” as well that Lana does not have any backstage heat because of the fact Miro now works for WWE’s top North American competitor.

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