2020 Presidential Election Live Results: Where To Find Up-To-Date Vote Totals For All States

The 2020 presidential election is heading toward its conclusion, and those looking to follow along with the live results will have a few options for finding updated voting totals.

The race between Democratic candidate Joe Biden and Republican candidate and incumbent, President Donald Trump, has been contentious. Many expect the results will be contested. Both sides have reportedly amassed large teams of lawyers to prepare for potential legal challenges, and polls show that several key battleground states could be headed for very close contests.

The results will continue to come in throughout Tuesday evening and into the early morning hours on Wednesday, as the polls close at different times in different states. A full list of when each state begins counting votes can be found at The Inquisitr.

Politico is offering a full state-by-state breakdown of voting, including races for the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate. It also gives real-time scenarios of how each candidate could win judging by how the battlegrounds are tilted at that point in time.

“Using live data and predictions from our Election Forecast, we’ve run 32,768 simulations showing how the remaining 15 competitive states could vote, and how the electoral math could shake out,” the outlet noted, adding that there are 173 scenarios where the race could end in a 270-270 tie that would send it to the House of Representatives to determine the winner.

The polling and analysis site FiveThirtyEight is also displaying a mix of real-time totals and analysis. The site gained some fame for its analysis of the 2016 race as it was one of the few aggregators that showed a significant possibility that Trump could win. As Americans took to the polls to vote, Trump’s chances were hovering around 30 percent. The site accurately predicted that if polling was off in just one of the key Rust Belt states, it would likely be wrong in all of them. The Republican flipped many of these — including Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin — even though polling had shown Hillary Clinton with a small lead.

As The Inquisitr noted, those eagerly waiting to find out who will win the 2020 presidential election may have a long wait ahead of them. This year many states have expanded vote-by-mail options for voters who don’t want to wait in line to cast their ballots in person during a pandemic. Some courts have granted extensions to allow votes that arrive beyond November 3 to be counted, which means that states might not be able to declare a winner until days later.

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