Donald Trump Is Concerned About Going To Prison If He Loses The Election, Report Claims

Donald Trump is concerned that he could face investigations and the potential of going to prison if he loses the presidential election, a new report claims.

As the race for the White House comes to an end and ballots are cast and counted, The New York Times noted Trump has privately expressed worry of what might happen if he is defeated by Joe Biden and loses the protection the presidency affords. The Department of Justice reportedly has a policy against indicting sitting presidents, which would not be in effect if he leaves the Oval Office come January.

“Seldom far from Mr. Trump’s thoughts, however, is the possibility of defeat—and the potential consequences of being ejected from the White House,” The New York Times wrote. “In unguarded moments, Mr. Trump has for weeks told advisers that he expects to face intensifying scrutiny from prosecutors if he loses. He is concerned not only about existing investigations in New York, but the potential for new federal probes as well, according to people who have spoken with him.”

Others have speculated about the legal trouble he could be facing as he leaves office. The New Yorker reported there are more than a dozen investigations and civil suits against the president right now, including criminal probes both from the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and New York state attorney general regarding allegations of fraud, stemming from his business dealings prior to him assuming the presidency.

Trump has also been implicated in the hush money payment to Stormy Daniels, which led to federal charges against his former lawyer, Michael Cohen. In statements to Congress, Cohen testified Trump had knowledge of the payments and was involved in the scheme to not have it reported as a campaign contribution.

Even if Trump does escape legal trouble after leaving office, he could face a significant financial pinch. As The Inquisitr reported, top officials at Deutsche Bank AG have been discussing plans to cut financial ties with him after the election should he lose, which could put his business empire in peril. The report added the financial institution has close to $340 million in outstanding loans to the Trump Organization, including some major notes coming due within the next two years. While officials discussed the possibility of putting those loans up for sale, the report claimed they may end up having to seize assets if the organization is unable to pay.

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