Sony Introduces HD Video Recording Binoculars

Binoculars that shoot HD video aren’t new, but Sony’s new DEV-50V binoculars are smaller, smarter, and they shoot better HD video than previous options.

Sony’s new binoculars have auto focus and image stabilization even if you’re not recording what you see. When you want to save a moment the DEV-50V records full AVCHD 2.0 video with stereo sound. Its built-in camera also shoots 20.4 megapixel still photos.

“With the DEV-50V, you can observe wildlife in a way no other binoculars can achieve,” said Hidenori Toyoda, director of the camcorder business at Sony Electronics. “Couple that with its ability to capture impressive photos and video, and you have an innovative device that outperforms the competition on all levels.”

Unlike traditional binoculars, you’re not looking through parallell telescopic lenses. Instead, Sony has engineered it’s new binoculars to deliver 3D close ups through two electronic viewfinders. The digital zoom/magnification range is from 0.8x to 25x.

“Separate images for left and right eyes are captured by a matched pair of precision G Lens optics by Sony with “Exmor R” CMOS sensors and powerful BIONZ processors, offering a true stereoscopic view of the world as well as a 3D mode that records scenes in thrilling 3D video for playback on virtually any 3D-compatible TV.”

You can record video in 2D as close to a subject as a half an inch away and in 3D when your at least 32-inches away from what you’re shooting.

By switching from magnifying glass to electronics, Sony is able to deliver what they call “Hyper Gain” making it easier to see things in extremely low light.

Video can be shared by attaching the binoculars to a TV via HDMI or by transferring images and video via USB.

Internal GPS geo-tags both video and images.

An interchangeable, rechargeable battery pack provides three hours of recording time in 2D.

Sony’s DEV-50V HD recording binoculars go on sale in June for $2000.