WWE's Lana Rocks Anime-Inspired Costume & Sits With Legs Spread Apart In Latest Photo

WWE superstar Lana took to Instagram this week and delighted her 3.7 million followers with photos of her and husband Miro rocking Dragon Ball Z-inspired costumes.

In the uploads, Lana was dressed as Bulma and Miro as Goku as the pair celebrated the Halloween season in style. Some of her fans pointed out that Bulma is with Vegeta in the anime lore, but most of the comments were complimentary.

Lana has rocked a variety of pop culture costumes during the past week, and her latest snaps suggested the end of October hasn't stopped her from celebrating the spookiest time of the year.

In the accompanying caption for her latest batch of photos, Lana revealed Bulma was one of her favorites from her recent dress-up sessions.

The first snap showed Lana sitting casually on a staircase with her legs spread apart. The Ravishing Russian placed her right hand on her chin while the adjoining elbow rested against her leg.

She wore a pair of dark brown gloves that covered her hands and most of her forearms.

A matching brown purse was visible on her waist.

Lana sported a pink dress with a matching bow in her hair, which was green as opposed to her traditional blond.

The outfit was topped off with a pair of blue-and-white sneakers, dark blue socks, and a purple scarf.

In the second photo, the WWE superstar stood on the stairs and latched on to a black handrail as she stared into the camera. She gave a mysterious pout that accentuated her bright red lips and white teeth.

A luxurious chandelier hung from the ceiling, and the door of the house could be spotted in the background. The building was mostly painted white on the inside, making for a simple and clear backdrop.

Miro appeared in four images alongside his wife. The happy couple embraced, held hands, and made faces for the camera, showing off a goofy side of their personalities that fans might not be accustomed to seeing from their heelish wrestling characters.

Lana completed the set with a selection of individual selfies and a video, all of which provided close-ups of her face. In one of the snaps, she applied a Halloween filter that added an eerie black design to her cheeks and chin.

The Ravishing Russian is popular on social media and that could factor into WWE television moving forward. As The Inquisitr previously reported, she is supposedly set to receive a major push as a babyface.