‘Karens’ Are Supporting Joe Biden Over Donald Trump, Report Says

A Monday report from The New York Times examined polling data from surveys conducted with Siena College and looked at the most common female and male names, as well as the voting preferences of each. The data revealed that the most prevalent name supporting Democratic nominee Joe Biden is Karen, while the least prevalent is Richard.

As for Donald Trump, the result is the opposite — Richards overwhelmingly support Trump, while “Karens” are least likely to back the president. Elsewhere, the report shows Janets are the most likely to support the president than any other female name.

As noted by Morning Consult reporter Eli Yokley on Twitter, Biden has also had success with females not named Karen.

“Our final pre-election poll finds Biden leading Trump, 54% to 41%, among women likely voters, compared to Clinton’s 49% to 47% lead of Trump among women in 2016, per our exits at the time.”

Per Global News, the name “Karen” has become slang for “privileged white women who raise trivial complaints with others.” A Business Insider piece echoed these sentiments and outlined some common behaviors attributed to the pop-culture term.

“A quick social media search yields numerous behaviors attributed to someone labeled a ‘Karen,’ including refusing to wear a mask amid the pandemic, entitlement to public space, fearing people of color, and opposing the Black Lives Matter movement.”

Nevertheless, the publication argued that the New York Times report proves that the name represents a “good cross-section of women over the age of 40,” which means that memes aside, the data could be a good sign for the Democrat.

Laura Wattenberg, author of The Baby Name Wizard, spoke to the outlet about the finding.

“If you’re losing Karens, you’re losing women,” she said.

Outside of pop culture, Global News claimed the analysis hints at crucial demographic trends that could have implications for the presidential election. One trend highlighted is that people named Jason and Jennifer — two of the most popular names of Generation X — are more likely to support Trump. Conversely, almost three-quarters of those named Sarah — common for females under 45 — skew toward Biden. Polling has corroborated this claim and has shown that Biden is more popular with women in every state in the country.

Polling also shows other demographic divides among the two candidates. As The Inquisitr reported, an NBC News/Wall Street Journal poll released on Sunday showed Trump leading Biden among white citizens without college degrees by 21 percent. In addition, the president leads among white American voters as a whole by 6 points.

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