Best Man Charged In Bride’s Fatal Stabbing

A best man implicated in a bride’s fatal stabbing has been charged, as the victim passed away two days after the incident.

Best man Jonathan Broyhill, 31, participated in the wedding of North Carolina political strategist Jamie Hahn, 29, and husband Nation Hahn, 27. Nation Hahn was wounded in the stabbing, but the injuries he sustained were not as severe as those inflicted upon his wife.

Broyhill is recovering from wounds described as “self-inflicted,” and investigators are trying to get to the bottom of the strange incident and determine why the best man stabbed the Hahns in their Raleigh home Monday night.

It has been rumored that the stabbing was possibly connected to “questionable campaign reports,” and Broyhill worked for Hahn’s consultancy, Sky Blue Strategies.

Sky Blue client and former Rep. Brad Miller said after the best man’s alleged stabbing of the couple wasreported:

“It’s probably the case that Jamie was asking questions … about campaign finances.”

Miller indicated that Broyhill was under increasing pressure over campaign finance irregularities, and noted that Jamie Hahn had probably been insistent upon answers:

“It doesn’t appear that there was an immediate argument or confrontation but this may have been in the background… It certainly may be that Jon was aware that he was about to be caught.”

Broyhill had also been accused of faking cancer in the time leading up to the bride’s fatal stabbing.

Pamela Hung is a neighbor of Nation Hahn and his late wife, and she said their best man was constantly present at the couple’s home:

“I’ve seen him on many occasions because he was practically like part of the family. That’s how much time he spent at their house.”

A neighbor heard on the 911 call reporting the stabbing said that Hahn was rapidly losing blood, begging emergency services to arrive quickly:

“Somebody stabbed her, and she’s bleeding so badly… The person is still in the house, and we need police as soon as possible… She’s fading out. She’s saying, ‘I love you.'”

After the puzzling attack and Jamie Hahn’s death, her husband tweeted:

The best man was initially charged with attempted murder after the incident, but charges are likely to be upgraded after Hahn’s death.

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