Barack Obama Sinks Three-Pointer After Campaign Event While An Impressed Joe Biden Watches

Barack Obama and Joe Biden appeared at a campaign event in Flint, Michigan, on Saturday, and while the rally made news, it was the former president sinking a three-pointer on the spur-of-the-moment that has many people talking.

Joe Biden watched as Obama grabbed the basketball and tossed it from the corner, nabbing nothing but net, as video of the event — which can be viewed here — that Biden’s digital director, Olivia Raisner, posted to her Twitter account showed.

The crowd cheered the impressive shot and Obama casually accepted a cup of coffee from a member of the team.

“That’s what I do,” Obama said as he walked away. He lowered his black mask and yelled a second time, “That’s what I do!”

“Whoa!” Biden, 77, exclaimed as he walked behind.

Obama posted the video to his 124.5 million followers on his own social media account to show off his impressive talent, cultivated while playing JV and varsity basketball and Hawaii’s Punahou School.

Obama and Biden had appeared in Flint to rally support in Michigan, an important swing state.

While there, they were joined by Steve Wonder and Obama took the stage to stump for his former colleague.

“The presidency doesn’t actually change who you are, it just reveals who you are,” Obama said.

He went on to attack President Donald Trump’s handling of the coronavirus pandemic and to point out that the economy of Flint grew far more under his administration over the current one, as Fox News reported.

“Three days we can put an end to a president that has failed to protect this nation,” Biden said during his comments. “I don’t care how hard the president tries, there’s nothing he can do to prevent the people from voting.”

He also criticized Trump’s handling of the pandemic, calling out recent comments of his saying that doctors had inflated coronavirus death reports to make more money. So far, 9 million Americans have tested positive for the disease, as The Inquisitr previously noted.

Obama was known to play basketball while working as a senator and occasionally while in the Oval Office. During one White House game, Obama caught an elbow from Rey Decerega during a game with aide Reggie Love, requiring 12 stitches in his lip to repair, as CNN reported at the time.

LeBron James responded to the tweet.

“Now you just showing out now my friend!! That’s what you do huh?? Ok ok I see. All cash!” he tweeted.

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