‘General Hospital’ Fans Are Worried That Franco Will Be Killed Off As Cast Cuts Are Seemingly Being Made

General Hospital seems to be going through some major changes this fall. There has been talk of two major players, Emme Rylan and William deVry, being let go, and there may be more coming. With the recent medical crisis that the character of Franco Baldwin is now facing, fans are wondering if actor Roger Howarth will be the next one to go.

This past week on General Hospital, Franco found out that his brain tumor has returned and that it is inoperable. He is obviously devastated and worried about Elizabeth and her boys. He doesn’t want her to know right now about his diagnosis and has opted to keep it quiet. He suddenly collapsed at The Floating Rib while he and Elizabeth were out with Epiphany. It was quite unexpected and scary, but his wife believes that it is something minor. Franco begged Terry not to say anything to her. The week of November 2 finds Franco meeting up with Kevin Collins, according to spoilers from Soap Central. He is also supposed to offer something to Jason. What is that all about?

Franco is all about keeping his family safe, even if it is from himself. He used to be a killer, but that was explained as the brain tumor making him do it. Once he had it removed, he changed drastically. Now he is afraid that he will go right back to his evil tendencies, and that may have him doing something desperate. His plea to Jason may have something to do with that.

Howarth has been a fan-favorite, and this storyline certainly has many people nervous about his future on the ABC soap. Now that Franco’s life is at risk, viewers are wondering if Howarth will be the next one to be cut from the cast.

“So is Franco leaving now too?” one fan wanted to know.

“Y’all better save him! Franco & Elizabeth are the best part of #GH,” another viewer remarked on social media.

Kelly Monaco, who plays the role of Sam McCall, just recently took to Instagram to ask General Hospital fans to be kind, especially through this difficult time. She hinted that there will be lots of changes ahead and that she wanted fans to stay calm about it.

Many people are anxious to know whether their favorites will be staying or leaving. There has been quite an uproar over the alleged firing of both Rylan and deVry. They have both been a part of General Hospital since 2013, and it’s not going over very well with all the rumors lately. Howarth may also be on the chopping block. It seems that no one is completely safe these days, although nothing has been confirmed just yet.

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