Republicans Have ‘No Back Up Plan’ In Case Election Is ‘Stolen,’ Activist Says

Investor and activist Michael Coudrey sounded the alarm on Saturday about the Republican Party’s purported lack of planning ahead of Election Day, which many speculate will be chaotic due to the record number of mail-in ballots amid the coronavirus pandemic.

“Republicans have no back up plan for election day,” he tweeted.

“Even if the election was stolen.”

He then contrasted the GOP’s alleged lack of preparation with the Democratic Party’s pre-election planning efforts.

“No organization, no 500,000 people march to dc, no keeping the pressure on, no media distribution plans, no talking point dissemination. The left has all of this with millions organized ready to go.”

As reported by New York Magazine, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden has a team of over 4,000 lawyers on standby in the battleground state of Florida in preparation for a possible recount. As noted by the publication, a recount will be triggered automatically if the final margin between Biden and Trump is half a percentage point or less. Elsewhere, the Democratic candidate is reaching out to lawyers across the country, including former Obama White House general counsel Bob Bauer, former Attorney General Eric Holder, and Obama White House lawyer Dana Remus.

On the other side of the aisle, ABC News reported that Republicans are also prepping for the possibility of a legal battle over the election results. Notably, the publication claimed that GOP officials and sources familiar with the party’s legal strategy claimed it has increased resources to crucial battlegrounds states and is currently in the process of finalizing its plan for “post-election litigation and potential recounts.”

Republican National Convention logos are seen at a press conference in Farley Post Office May 21, 2004 in New York.

Still, Coudrey and others don’t appear convinced by Republican efforts to secure the integrity of the election.

“The GOP really doesn’t care, the politicians still make money acting as ‘opposition’ to the Dems. They’ll take that and discard the American people to the wolves,” one Twitter user responded to Coudrey’s concerns.

Meanwhile, some believe efforts are being made behind closed doors.

“I would expect them to have considered various scenarios. It just hasn’t been published unlike the Dem mobilization,” one user responded to his tweet.

As The Inquisitr reported, columnist Matthew Walther argued earlier this month that the Republican Party has accepted that Trump will likely lose on Election Day and officials are secretly relieved at the possibility. In particular, he noted Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and other lawmakers’ refusal at the time to pass a second piece of coronavirus legislation. Other reports suggested that McConnell’s opposition stemmed from his belief that Trump will lose the election.

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