Donald Trump’s Donors Allegedly Regret Funding His Campaign As Some Prepare For Electoral Wipeout

Although some people still have hope that U.S. President Donald Trump will pull off a win on Election Day, The Daily Beast reported on Saturday that many are expecting a sound defeat as donors regret putting money into the campaign.

Stephen Moore, a conservative economist who advises the U.S. leader on economic and coronavirus-related matters, noted that betting markets put Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden with a 60 percent chance of winning and Trump with just 40 percent.

The publication noted that there are many like Moore in Trump’s inner circle. After interviewing 16 well-positioned sources in the Trump circle, The Daily Beast pointed out that just five gave the head of state “comfortable odds” to win.

Notably, Dan Eberhart, a prominent Trump donor who is chief executive at Canary, claimed that if he could, he would take back all of the money he funneled to one of the U.S. leader’s reelection campaign fundraising committees.

“The president has struggled to maintain message discipline. And the left is highly motivated to vote, as seen by the record turnout so far. That’s not to say there’s not a window for the president to win. It’s just being realistic that he’s the underdog in this contest.”

Data from the Center for Responsive Politics suggests that Eberhart isn’t the only one regretting his financial support of the Republican’s campaign. According to the nonpartisan research group, out of the 1,100-plus people who donated the legal maximum to the head of state’s 2016 campaign — $5,400 — almost 450 have not donated anything to his re-election.

U.S. President Donald Trump stands on the Truman Balcony after returning to the White House from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on October 05, 2020 in Washington, DC.

Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic appears to be one factor influencing desertion from his campaign. As The Inquisitr reported, billionaire supporter Peter Thiel allegedly slammed the head of state behind closed doors for his response to the pandemic. According to a senior 2020 campaign source, the businessman, who is allegedly one of Trump’s most important backers, has not been in recent contact with the campaign as of May.

In what appears to bode poorly for Trump, Thiel has not donated money to Trump’s reelection campaign or the Republican National Committee since 2018. Conversely, he spoke at the Republican National Convention in 2016 and was once a vocal supporter of the real estate mogul’s presidency.

Nevertheless, Jason Miller, a top adviser on the campaign, told The Daily Beast that the campaign is doing well and appeared to brush aside reports of worries.

“Mood is great. President Trump will be reelected. I don’t worry about the bedwetters too much.”

Still, two administration officials working on foreign policy said that they’re so convinced the U.S. leader will lose that they have shifted their priorities to ensure their work is not reversible under a Biden administration.

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