Teacher-Student Classroom Brawl Over Cell Phone And Makeup [Video]

Stockton, CA – Something didn’t add up in math class involving makeup and a wireless device, and the results weren’t pretty.

A 15-year-old girl and her math teacher got into an all-out brawl after the teacher confiscated the teen’s cosmetics and phone.

Cell phone video footage (see embed below) was uploaded to Facebook by another student.

The teen, identified as Cesar Chavez High School freshman Marlina Martinez, apparently started applying makeup in class. The teacher took the makeup away from her. The student then called her mother on the phone to make the teacher give her back her property. The teacher then took the phone away from her. At that point, the upset teen started dropping f-bombs and demanded the return of her “stuff.” Things got very physical very fast.

“At that point, Martinez confronted her teacher and loudly demanded to have her phone back. The incident developed into a shoving match and then escalated into a fight. Eventually, the pair end up on the classroom floor as other students try to pull them apart.”

Martinez said that the teacher started pushing her, and she pushed back. She has admitted regret for speaking to the teacher in a disrespectful manner. But she added that the teacher should have walked away and summoned security rather than take matters into her own hands.

Both the student and teacher were suspended following the incident. In addition to a five-day suspension, the teen was arrested for assault and could wind up being expelled from school altogether. The school district is investigating the incident while the teacher — who suffered a black eye in the fight — is on paid administrative leave.

A school district spokeswoman described the incident as regrettable and unusual but that she couldn’t tell from the video who started the fisticuffs.

Stockton, California has the distinction of being the largest US city ever to file for bankruptcy protection. It also was ranked as the tenth most dangerous city in America based on FBI statistics. A teacher at another Stockton high school was recently fired for allegedly attempting to build a porn empire from her school laptop.

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Watch footage of the classrooom fight between the student and teacher in Stockton, California:

[iframe src=”http://www.youtube.com/embed/oLJDlgiElV8?rel=0? width=”560? height=”315?]

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