'General Hospital' Weekly Spoilers: Chase & Jackie Meet For Dinner, But She Harbors A Secret

Chase is thrilled to have his mom, Jackie Templeton, in town and the week of November 2 will see them meeting up for dinner on General Hospital. She'll be working closely with Peter August and that will keep her pretty busy, but she always seems to have time for her son. However, the secret she's keeping under wraps may have something to do with him.

It was recently revealed that, as fans predicted, Jackie and Finn had an affair. It happened the night before she married his dad and that's brought much tension to their family -- so much so that Finn left to make a new life for himself. However, it looks like those feelings between them have returned now that she's back in town. They discussed what happened back then and that brought viewers up to speed on why Finn doesn't want anything to do with his dad and stepmom.

Spoilers from Soap Central indicate that Chase will spend time with his mom, and Finn will have some uneasy feelings about something. Those feelings may have something to do with his fiancé, Anna Devane, since she was attacked by her twin sister Alex. They could also be about Jackie. General Hospital spoilers also tease that she is keeping some sort of secret to herself.

'General Hospital' star Michael Easton in promo pic.
ABC | Craig Sjodin

Ever since fans found out that Finn most likely had an affair with his father's wife, rumors about Chase's paternity have been flying. Many are wondering if Jackie got pregnant with Finn's baby the night before the wedding and passed Chase off as Gregory's child. Could Finn actually be Chase's father and is that the secret Jackie is keeping from everyone?

That would certainly complicate things for the four of them. Soap Central just revealed that longtime actor Gregory Harrison will be taking over the role of Gregory Chase soon. So, Chase and Finn's dad will be returning to Port Charles and that might be when all these secrets will be revealed.

Finn is planning a wedding with Anna, but this revelation could put a hold on their relationship or end it altogether. It would also blow up everything that Chase has ever known about his family. He obviously adores both his parents and has been trying to get Finn to make up with them.

The Chase family drama is heating up on General Hospital and fans are anxious to find out what secrets are being kept.