‘Mad Money’ Host Jim Cramer Warns Next Few Days Will Be ‘One Of The Most Confusing Weeks Of My Career’

Mad Money host Jim Cramer has claimed that he already feels as if the upcoming 2020 U.S. presidential election will mark “one of the most confusing weeks” of his career.

The confusion extends beyond politics. As was covered by CNBC, Cramer explained that markets do not like uncertainty, and a fiercely partisan election would likely add to immense volatility on Wall Street.

“I know we all want this election to be over, so steel yourself for a messy, confusing outcome leading to some messy, confusing action in the stock market, where, therefore, opportunities will abound,” he said.

“I am expecting massive confusion. This is going to be a confusing week, actually one of the most confusing weeks of my career,” Cramer added.

“Unless the results are a blowout on [Tuesday], we might not know who won for days… and Wall Street hates that kind of uncertainty.”

The comments come after Wall Street had its worst week since March. According to The Wall Street Journal, many investors expressed fears that the country could go back into the strict COVID-19 lockdown modes that engulfed the United States earlier this spring and stifled much of the economy.

Cramer claimed that the market’s drop meant that it was “too late” to sell stocks for those who were bearish about the future. However, he added that the drop in stock prices meant that it was a good opportunity to buy hot offerings such as Apple, Facebook, and Amazon.

Cramer added that he believed that the market would probably “react best” to a Trump victory and that it would dip if former Vice President Joe Biden won — mainly due to his tax proposal. That said, while some polls are tightening, most politicos believe that Biden is on track to win, with some pollsters painting a grim picture of Trump’s chances.

However, it is not just the election that could cause issues in the stock market. New unemployment data will be released late next week, which could give insight into how the economy is doing amid a second wave of COVID-19 infections.

“Then you wait until the unemployment number on Friday,” Cramer cautioned.

Cramer listed some stocks that he believed would be affected the most depending on which candidate wins. For example, the Mad Money host predicted Humana shares would fall should Biden win, as experts worry private insurance companies will suffer under a new healthcare initiative spearheaded by Democrats.

That said, Cramer also offered options that were unaffected by politics, such as one company that manufactured parts for 5G technology.

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