Noam Chomsky Calls Donald Trump ‘The Worst Criminal In History’ Over Adolf Hitler

During an interview with The New Yorker published on Friday, renowned linguist and philosopher Noam Chomsky claimed Donald Trump is “the worst criminal in history.”

Chomsky made the comment while discussing the public coverage and remarks regarding Trump, which he suggested were inadequately critical.

“For example, we just went through two of the quadrennial extravaganzas, the Conventions. Lots of coverage of them. Did you hear a phrase about the threat of nuclear war? I didn’t. Maybe somewhere. That’s the one major threat that the world faces. It’s not discussed. You heard some comments about maybe Trump isn’t doing nice things on the climate. Did you hear anything about his being the worst criminal in human history?”

Chomsky argued that Trump is a worse criminal than even Adolf Hitler, Joseph Stalin, and Mao Zedong. He claimed that — unlike other notorious criminals who were attempting to destroy lives — the president’s administration is waging war on all “organized life on earth.” According to Chomsky, criminals like Stalin focused on goals of maintaining power and control as opposed to intentionally killing others — the latter which he suggested was used as a means to an end.

In one portion of the interview, Chomsky pointed to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration’s analysis that concluded the Earth is on track to reach temperatures he called an “utter cataclysm.” Despite this purported danger, he noted the analysis concluded that restrictions on automotive and truck emissions should be limited. This disregard for the Earth, he said, has no parallel in human history.

The writer also compared Trump’s view on the environment to Brazilian leader Jair Bolsonaro’s approach to climate change, which he suggested was following Trump’s lead but has not yet been nearly as destructive.

Nevertheless, Chomsky made clear to clarify that he’s not talking about “Trump the human being” — who he said he “couldn’t care less about” — but his policies. The linguist pointed to the president’s push to maximize the use of fossils fuels and destroy regulations on their use, which Chomsky was confident would “lead to disaster.”

He has been openly critical of Trump for months and clear that he believes the president is an existential threat to the planet. He’s not the only one, either. As The Inquisitr reported, mental health experts Alan D. Blotcky, David M. Reiss, and Seth D. Norrholm warned Trump is an existential danger to humanity in an op-ed they used to urge Americans to vote him out of the White House in November.

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