Joe Biden Allies Reportedly Alarmed By Low Black, Latino Turnout As Donald Trump Supporters Come Out In Droves

Some officials on Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden’s campaign are growing increasingly concerned about low Black and Latino voter turnout in battleground states, Bloomberg reported on Friday.

According to data from the Democratic firm Catalist, early voting records have been shattered across the nation, but this may not work in Biden’s favor.

In Arizona, which is a battleground state, two-thirds of registered Latino voters have not yet voted. Similarly, in Florida, half of Blacks and Latinos have not yet cast their ballots. The situation is even worse in Pennsylvania, where nearly 75 percent of registered Black voters have not yet cast a ballot.

Meanwhile, non-college educated whites, most of whom support President Donald Trump, have been coming out in droves. In Florida’s Miami-Dade County, for instance, Republicans have a 9.4 percent turnout advantage

According to the report, “some Biden advisers have expressed concerns about a lack of investment and are urging the campaign, so far unsuccessfully, to spend even more money to target these voters in the final stretch.”

According to an individual briefed on the matter, “tension and infighting” became a major issue for team Biden after several prominent Latino Democrats voiced concerns about what they claim are inadequate outreach strategies.

Furthermore, Black and Hispanic staffers have reportedly urged top officials to invest in boosting turnout in communities of color, but senior leaders have refused to do so, expressing confidence in their strategy.

According to one staffer, Biden officials in the state of Florida have spent their own money on various events and remain frustrated with the lack of coordination and leadership.

“The disagreements have resulted in heated conversations, as staff argue over spending and strategy in the final stretch. And the advisers who say they are frustrated still say they’re confident Biden will win the election, but they fear leaving anything to chance if the race is close.”

Those who are confident in Biden’s approach reportedly believe that the apparent lack of support among minorities will be offset by the gains the former vice president seems to have made among suburbanites and seniors.

Others allegedly believe that the campaign is becoming over-confident and fear that Biden allies are making the same mistakes Hillary Clinton’s team made four years ago. In 2016, Clinton lost Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin because she underperformed among people of color.

In a statement, Biden adviser Symone Sanders dismissed the suggestion that the Democratic nominee has not dedicated enough resources to communities of color.

“In community-specific advertising alone, we’ve dedicated tens of millions of dollars to each community, with a total into 9 figures,” she said.

Polling suggests that Biden is the clear favorite to win the presidency.

However, some believe that Trump is being underestimated. Notably, pollsters Matt Towery of InsiderAdvantage and Robert Cahaly of the Trafalgar Group argued earlier this week that Trump could, once again, defy polls and cruise to the White House.

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