October 30, 2020
'General Hospital' Fans React To Peter's Stunning Phone Call From 'Helena'

General Hospital fans had a big reaction to the drama that ensued when Peter August seemed to get a phone call from the supposedly dead Helena Cassadine. The shocking conversation started during Thursday's episode and some significant details about it were revealed on Friday.

As General Hospital viewers know, Peter did a lot of intensely problematic things during the time that he colluded with Helena. She's supposedly been dead for several years now, but if she were alive, she could cause a lot of trouble for him.

He was clearly rattled by this experience with the woman on the phone. He questioned whether it was really Helena, but the call was rather convincing. Long-time General Hospital viewers could tell that it was Helena's voice, and he seemed convinced.

Soon, however, the truth about the caller was revealed. Damian Spinelli and Sam McCall had put this together, utilizing electronic equipment to utilize Helena's voice to fool Peter.

"Oooh! Sam & Spin hatched this little Helena's alive plot! I kinda wanted the evil queen to be alive tho but Peter's life starting to crumble all around him ever so slightly....and I'm loving it!!!" one viewer tweeted.

Bradford Anderson plays Damian Spinelli on 'General Hospital'
ABC | Nick Agro

Many people have been rallying for this character's demise for a very long time now. Seeing Spinelli find a way to get a step ahead of him for once seemed like a big win.

"Just hearing Helena's voice threatening Peter fills me with so much joy!!" one person wrote on Twitter.

"I have a new love and appreciate for Spinelli #Gaslighting Peter is GENIUS," another tweet read.

"Okay, I take everything I've said this week back. While several characters have been impressive in their ways of tricking each other, Samantha McCall and Spinelli take the cake. They've got Peter right spooked and I can't wait to see what he does next," tweeted a fourth fan.

General Hospital spoilers for November sweeps have hinted that Peter will finally be exposed in the coming weeks once and for all. After the initial call during Friday's show, Spinelli reconnected with Sam and they discussed their target's reaction.

Initially, they weren't sure whether their plan had worked. Soon, however, Peter called "Helena" back. According to SheKnows Soaps, this will continue during the General Hospital episode airing on Tuesday, November 3.

Can Spinelli and Sam get him to admit to the truth? As viewers saw during Friday's episode, the belief that Helena is alive isn't Peter's only problem at the moment.

It was finally confirmed that Alex, not Anna, is his biological mother. Alex is back in Port Charles and is once again impersonating her sister, and General Hospital spoilers tease that this will spell trouble for everybody connected to her in the days ahead.