Dancer Who Lost Leg In Boston Bombings Set To Appear On ‘Dancing With The Stars’

A professional dancer who lost part of her leg in the Boston bombings is set to appear on Dancing With The Stars.

Adrianne Haslet had to have her left leg amputated after getting caught up in the catastrophe last week. She has now been asked to make a guest appearance on the show, to which she stated she would be “honored.”

It isn’t known in what capacity she will appear on the primetime competition, but the ballroom dancer has stated “dancing is my life” and has vowed to start training as soon as she can.

Tom Bergeron, the host of Dancing With The Stars, last night vowed that Mrs Haslet would appear next week.

Bergeron remarked, “We were all very moved by her inspirational outlook. We’ll tell you how we hope to be part of her recovery.”

Derek Hough, who is Haslet’s favorite star on Dancing With The Stars, a show she devotedly watches, told the Boston Herald, “It’s hard for anyone to really quite understand what she must be going through and what she’s going to go through with rehab and getting her balance back.”

He then added, “But if she has the determination and she has the passion – and it sounds like she does – she’s going to run that marathon and she’s going to be dancing again. It’s not going to slow her down.”

Haslet has vowed to progress in her career, saying, “I absolutely want to dance again and I also want to run the marathon next year. I will crawl across the finish line, literally crawl, if it means I finish it.”

Haslet was knocked over by the second blast on the day, which blasted her about four feet into the air. Tragically, at the time Haslet was enjoying spending her time with her husband, who had just returned from Afghanistan after four months being deployed in the region.

Are you inspired by Adrianne Haslet’s tale?

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