Glasgow Homeless Hostel Ranked One Of The UK’s Best Hotels

Glasgow, UK – A rundown hostel for the homeless has found itself ranked as one of the finest hotels in the UK – on travel site TripAdvisor, that is.

The Bellgrove Hotel in Glasgow, which has metal bars across its windows and peeling wall paint, received dozens of five-star reviews on the site. The effusive rankings sent the hostel soaring into TripAdvisor’s Top 100 UK Hotels list.

One reviewer wrote, “The marble floors and crystal chandeliers were breathtaking! You feel a king,” while another japester enthused, “Luxurious rooms, spa and leisure facilities were a gem.”

Others raved about a “bar with the best cocktails I have ever tasted” and a “five-star package.” Some pranksters even posted pictures of a spa and indoor pool on the site.

In reality, the Bellgrove Hotel was described as a “dumping ground for the poor” in a recent BBC documentary.

Speaking to The Sun about the reviews, Bellgrove’s boss Joe McKee said, “That’s quite funny. But we have no luxury spa facilities. It’s a hostel for homeless people, not a hotel.”

The Sun has since pointed out the bogus reviews to TripAdvisor, which commented: “They’re being removed.”

Fake product reviews are a common issue for online retailers, but can often prove amusing. Last year, a review for hair removal cream on Amazon went viral after it concluded with the words, “DO NOT PUT ON KN*B AND BOLL**KS.” Sarcastic reviews also famously plagued Bic’s “For Her” pens.

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