Happiest Cities In USA For Young Professionals Ranked, San Jose, San Francisco, Washington, D.C. Top List

San Jose has topped a list compiled by CareerBliss.com that calculated the happiest cities in USA for young professionals, beating out the likes of San Francisco and Washington D.C to the prize.

The figures were amassed from 45,000 employees between April 2012 and March 2013, and young professionals were deemed to be individuals who had less than 10 years’ experience in a full-time position.

Theses people were then asked to evaluate ten factors of their workplace environment, which included their relationship with their boss and co-workers, job resources, company culture, daily tasks, compensation, and growth opportunity.

San Jose, California topped the list, which is because they posses a lot of high tech companies in the area, each of whom hire young talent.

Matthew Mahood, the president and chief executive of the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce, remarked, “They want the best and the brightest. Many of these companies pay well for college graduates with degrees in math,science, engineering, software design, marketing, and analytics.”

San Jose is the home to Apple, Cisco, Intel, Google, Facebook, and Yahoo!, as well as Stanford, Santa Clara and San Jose State Universities.

The city beat San Francisco to the top of the list, meaning that it was a one-two for the state of California. The state also possess four cities in the list, with San Diego in 5th and Riverside in 6th.

Washington, DC, came third and Chicago were fourth, whilst Philadelphia, Houston, Phoenix and Boston then rounded out the top ten.

Discussing California’s success, Matt Miller, the chief technology officer at CareerBliss, remarked, “California is home to some of the best universities and largest technology companies in the world. In the fast and competitive world of technology, we see more and more companies hiring young talent right out of school.”

Do you live in any of these cities? Do you think your employment chances are enhanced by living there?

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